Rachel Bennet KJHK DJ

Off the Mic : Rachel Bennett

Name: Rachel Bennett

Position: Community Engagement Director, DJ

DJ Shift: Femme FM, Rotation shows

Year: Senior

Majors: Film & Media Studies, American Studies, Theatre Minor

Hobbies: Making zines, enjoying art in all forms, adventuring

Jacob McCabe: What made you want to join KJHK?

Rachel Bennett: Well, I had known about KJHK in high school, and I thought it sounded really cool. Then in freshman year of college, I was introduced to the Music Director at the time, and it all started from there.

JM: And you’re a senior, so that means you’ve been here a long time.

RB: I know! The time flew by.

JM: Do you remember your first day, and how you felt?

RB: My first time meeting KJHK staff was at my first all-staff meeting. I was covering the Femme FM show, but I had never been trained before, so it was pretty stressful. But I made it through.

JM: Do you have a favorite song or artist currently?

RB: My favorite sub-genre right now is twee pop, or indie pop, if you can call it that. It’s all about being sweet and cute, not worrying about seeming cool, which I appreciate. As far as artists go, two constants in my life are Pavement and Jawbreaker. They were my introduction to indie music a long time ago.

JM: Do you sing while driving?

RB: Of course I do…who doesn’t? Usually when I’m alone, or with one or two friends, where it becomes a contest to see who can sing the loudest.

JM: If you had to classify yourself, would you say you’re a hunter or a gatherer?

RB: I’m a gatherer through and through. Literally speaking, I’m a vegetarian, and I love to appreciate nature. Metaphorically speaking, you could say it’s because I like to collect things, and I’m quite observant.

JM: What’s your favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

RB: Oh, that’s always a hard question. I really like the pad thai at Zen Zero, and I love the house salad at Wheatfields.

JM: If you were a kitchen utensil, what would it be?

RB: I’m a whisk. No follow-up questions.

JM: Fair enough. Who is your role model?

RB: There are so many women I consider role models, so it’s hard to pick just one, but it will always be a woman. For one, I look up to Naomi Yang, a musician, filmmaker, and general artist. She makes a big impact on a lot of people. And even in the local setting, too many badass local ladies for me to list.

JM: Lastly, what do you want the listeners to know about you?

RB: If I had to pick, I’d want a stranger to know that I’m always there to talk. I want to have as many experiences in my life as possible, so I’m always up for a good conversation.