Fresh Air is the third album by Homeshake, the solo act of former Mac DeMarco guitarist, Peter Sagar. Sagar moves further into his bedroom RnB, this time singing about (mis)communication in washy falsettos over plunky synths. This album burns slow the whole way through, soundtracking your sophomoric AM hours with brief flashes of funkiness. “Every Single Thing” has a wonky hop to it with a chorus to play hooky to. “Getting Down Pt II” and “TV Volume” feature Homeshake’s signature discordant guitar strums recalling his debut In The Shower. Peter’s bass picks up pace on “Khmlwugh” bouncing up one of the strongest hooks on the record. The title track “Fresh Air” is a nice breather as Peter prepares for his hot air balloon coma in “This Way”. Although not before slipping in the funky alarm clock of “Serious.” Some of the tunes get a little breezy, but some solid anchors keep it from blowing away. Best served at 9am, 2am, and on rainy days.

Recommended If You Like: Mac DeMarco, Little Dragon, Chet Faker, taking baths
Recommended Tracks: 9 (Khmlwugh), 4 (Every Single Thing), 13 (This Way), 10 (Fresh Air), 6 (Getting Down Pt. II)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Doug Bybee on 02/21/2017