Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog / My Old Man

Despite his ever-expanding fanbase of teenagers, Mac DeMarco really is getting to be an old dog. “There’s a price tag hanging off having all that fun,” says the man who rose to fame with antics like putting drum sticks up his butt. This double single finds Mac taking the more lax route having fully finished up his salad days. You can hear a breezy Cali sound slipping into his chimey acoustic guitar and lackadaisical retrospection. The subtle synths and drum machine riding in behind make visions of a 21st century “Heart of Gold” dance in my head. The rest of the album, titled This Old Dog, drops May 5th.

Recommended If You Like: Mac DeMarco, Ducktails, Neil Young, James Taylor, chorus pedals
Recommended Tracks: All
Do Not Play: None
Written by Doug Bybee on 02/21/2017