Tim Darcy: Saturday Night

Saturday Night is a tour de force of musical capacity. Darcy knows exactly how to craft a story, proposing tough questions and unabashedly facing them headfirst. The guitar work on this album is strummed simply, posing as a great background for Darcy’s vocals. Overall, it makes for a simple splash into the songwriter genre but grows on a person with every listen.

Songs that are able to change tone halfway through tend to have my heart, much like “Joan Pt. 1, 2” which introduces such a change at right around the 1:52 mark, which is rightfully placed and appreciated by both the casual and in-depth listener. What starts off as a more guitar driven intro fades away into an eerie but soothing vocal driven ending. As for tunes that grab you right off the bat, “You Felt Comfort” has a great hook with its introductory ensemble of guitar and drums that takes a page out of the playbook of 60s rock.

All in all, this album is great for a night when you just want to space out and think about life for a few hours.

Recommended If You Like: Priests, Julian Casablancas, Molly Burch
Recommended Tracks: 1(Tall Glass of Water), 3 (You Felt Comfort), 5 (First Final Days)
Do Not Play: 9 (What’d You Release?)
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/21/2017

KJHK 90.7 FM