Harrison Brome: Fill Your Brians

Fill Your Brains, Harrison Brome’s EP, marks his first ever release under the NETTWERK label. Filled with mostly down-tempo, moody, genre-blending contemporary R&B, Brome’s EP does not overstay its welcome with six well-defined tracks. Each song on the album is vastly different than the previous one, leaving something for each type of listener.

Brome’s rich, crooning voice glides over each track, shifting to adapt to the instrumentation backing his vocals. Opening track, “Fill Your Brains” is a sparse ballad with a dusty drum machine-lead beat, reminiscent of Beach House’s self-titled record. “Midnight Island” is the most upbeat track amongst the bunch, with well-written verses and a catchy hook over a cloudy drone/synth and drum beat. “Pools” and “Gambling Hearts” are the most compelling tracks offered, both blending elements on R&B with driving pop melodies that could soundtrack anyone’s late-night brooding. Common themes of the difficulty of love and lust as a young adult are prevalent of this EP and keep it relevant for younger listeners. Though the lyrics may not be the most profound or thought-provoking as with some younger artists, they are convincing and do not fade into the background, as some R&B-flavored artists have fallen victim to. The most atmospheric tracks of the lot are the final two, which incorporate snap-lead beats and hazy production. While heavy reverb on a singer’s vocals usually seems to be an attempt to cover up weaknesses, on these two tracks, it adds to the aura of mystery and intrigue that Brome tries to play at.

Overall, Fill Your Brains offers something for anyone feeling angsty and young and in love, but understandably, doesn’t take many risks. As a 19 year old, Harrison Brome is still young and with a diverse debut EP, he could polish his writing into a focused effort that could prove more resounding.

Recommended If You Like: Josef Salvat, James Blake, Hunter, Leo Kalyan
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Fill Your Brains), 4 (Gambling Hearts)
Do Not Play: 3 (Pools), 5 (Sex Calls)
Written by Scott Knettle on 02/22/2017