Tall Tall Trees is a one man act crafted by Michael Savino. His album Freedays is transparent on its influences, most of which bleed through into the mood of the LP. The way the flow of the music falls is not necessarily predictable, but does oftentimes remind you of other musicians while listening. This is not to say that Savino hasn’t spun original twists into tracks. In fact, Freedays, being his third album, is a burst of psychedelic pop intertwined with features of the ever interesting banjola, bass, and synth. It’s rather impressive that he can take instruments that don’t seem like they could ever be in the same room — let alone all be combined in a single song — and create such appealing harmonies.

A couple tracks that stand out from the rest include “A Place to Call Your Own” and “Lost in Time.” Both pull the listener into a dream-world, suspended by a cloud of smooth vocals and embracing backbeats. If you’re looking for somewhere to start when approaching Tall Tall Trees, these are the go-to tracks I’d recommend.

All things considered, Freedays is a well-thought out entry in the alternative music scene.

Recommended If You Like: Kishi Bashi, The Features, Via Audio, Sufjan Stevens
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Backroads), 2 (A Place to Call Your Own), 5 (Lost in Time),
Do Not Play: None
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/27/2017

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