Munchers Bakery

The Best Donuts for 3 am: Munchers Bakery Review

Munchers BakeryI would consider myself a simple man. I enjoy the little things in life, such as nice weather, a loving family and fried circles of dough that will most likely lead to some regrets about my diet choices in life. But that’s okay, because I can honestly say that Munchers donuts are worth it.

This being only my second semester at KU, I’m still acquainting myself to all of the local spots that people frequent in Lawrence. That being said, finding a good donut place was a priority. My first trip to Munchers was shortly after I was told of it’s existence and I’ve made weekly trips ever since. But what about this place makes it so near and dear to my heart?

Looking at the outside, the establishment seems unassuming. Nestled in between a barbershop and a christian dance studio, it seems like simultaneously the first and last place one would want to go for donuts. Walking inside however, yields a comfortable “home away from home” atmosphere. This place has been there for a while and it shows in a good way. The cute signs and artwork remind me of the small cafes and diners so epitomized by american culture (see Supertramp’s album Breakfast in America for more info).

Additionally, the fact that it is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week adds to this sentiment. Too often I have wished for a donut or other pastry, but found most bakeries to close their doors at around 2 pm. Therefore, it is a huge plus in my book that if one should have the urge to, one can buy a baker’s dozen of glazed donuts at 3 am. (a situation I have lived through more times than I’d care to admit publicly).

Munchers Donut

But the biggest question has yet to be answered: How do the donuts themselves taste? Sure a business can be open 24/7, but if their product is undesirable, there is no point. I am happy to report that Munchers delivers in the most important aspect of their business as well. The donuts are a nice cross between a heavy, doughy yeast donut and the non greasy taste of a cake donut. Munchers has somehow made a donut that is light and fluffy, but never comes across as overly heavy or greasy. This allows for the ability to eat more than one per sitting without feeling lethargic or overly full, a quality I have not even seen in expensive “high end” donuts from places like Chicago and New York.

I can say without hesitation that Munchers is my favorite place to get donuts at any time of the day, and I would recommend them to any fan of donuts, pastries or food in general. It’s price point and all hours accessibility make it perfect for the busy college student who needs a cheap, homemade snack to get them through those long studying hours.

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Featured photo courtesy of In Johnna’s Kitchen.