Offers is the sophomore LP from the Chicago-based band NE-HI. The band is comprised of Jason Balla, Alex Otake, Michael Wells, and James Weir who have been playing shows in the Midwest area since 2013. This second record improves upon their overall production, but sticks with the same catchiness laid out on their self-titled debut that helped them stick out within the Chicago scene. One of my favorite things about this album was that it seemed to flirt with different sub-genres of rock music, mostly in the background but noticeable enough to catch it. The vocals gave me a slight punk vibe at times, and I definitely heard some influence of surf rock tucked between the guitar tracks. Part of me feels like this has potential to be a great summer album to cruise around with the windows down. My favorite track on the album, “Don’t Wanna Know You”, reminds me a lot of some of the songs on DIIV’s 2012 record Oshin. “Out of Reach” is another great one which features some groovy, slightly-decayed guitars. The one downside to this record is that the lyrics aren’t particularly memorable. They fit nicely with the sound, but I never found myself getting particularly invested in what they were saying. That being said, Offers supplies several great tunes that would fit very nicely along with some chill, but still rocking music.

Recommended If You Like: EZTV, DIIV, Twin Peaks, Parquet Courts
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Don’t Wanna Know You), 6 (Out of Reach), 11 (Stay Young), 7 (Everybody Warned You)
Do Not Play: None
Written by MacConnell Wilson on 03/08/2017