Allah-Las Photo Credit: Doug Bybee

The Allah-Las and the Babe Rainbow trip out

Long hair and vintage clothes filled up Kansas City’s Record Bar last night for the tour kick-off of two psychedelic rock bands from opposite ends of the world, the Allah Las and the Babe Rainbow.

The Babe Rainbow started off the night with long blonde locks and a detached affection. Hailing from Australia’s acid-washed psychedelic scene, the trippy quintet laid down a bouncy set of hippy dippy jams. Even with the shrill cold outside, the Babes still brought some mellow heat to the stage. Their set kicked off with some familiar numbers off their Babe Rainbow EP, including the slow-bouncer “Planet Junior”. They quickly turned into new territory with almost a whole set of new songs. This is not the Babe Rainbow’s first foray into the midwest, and surely won’t be the last they’re heard of. Fans of Tame Impala, King Gizzard or the Growlers would do well to keep their ears open for some new colors by the Babe Rainbow.

After a short break, four far-less detached men stepped on stage and the Allah-Las began to play. If they were spotted before stepping on, the Allah-Las could’ve been mistaken for a bunch of good old boys ready to lay down some country rock. Although any confusion was immediately cleared as soon as the first chord was struck. These men take rides on something other than horses. Possibly surf boards, as their sound was sun-bleached and wave-washed with jangly chords and dripping reverb. The crowd merrily floated along to the transcendent rock’n’roll with a combo of old favorites and new jams. Once the night was coming to a close, Kansas City just hadn’t had enough and conjured up the Allah-Las for a three song encore.

The Monday night show left no soul wanting as the Record Bar collectively returned to this Earth. With this tour kick-off in the bag, the Babe Rainbow and the Allah-Las are sure to splash their way across America.

Photo Credit: Doug Bybee