Charts & Adds: 3/19/2017 – 3/26/2017


5. “The Heart – Part IV” [SINGLE] by Kenrick Lamar

This new addition to rotation may be one of the better diss tracks of the past decade – even without any knowledge of who the lyrics are referring to. There are suggestions that it may be Big Sean who is under verbal fire; and others say it is Drake. The song shifts both stylistically and lyrically in tempo, masterfully keeping pace with Lamar’s intensity and emotion. The most exciting hint is a reference to April 7th. Is this hinting towards another single release? An EP? Is the world lucky enough to see Lamar firebomb competition with a new LP? Time will tell.

4. “Ascension (ft. Vince Staples)” [SINGLE] by Gorillaz

One of five tracks dropped by the Gorillaz project in anticipation of the new LP, this is by far the standout. This track sees Vince Staples priming himself in familiar electronic territory over fast-paced sampling. This track contains a speed that maintains a sense of urgency that carries through to the end. This track stands out particularly for the seamless collaboration between Vince Staples and the Gorillaz that expands both of their abilities to the extent that the track benefits both of them. Unfortunately, this is not true of all of the recently release Gorillaz singles.

3. “Imperial” by Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is a rapper that has drawn a lot of attention lately – particularly for his ability to merge relatively unexplored samples with oral athleticism. From track to track, Curry is a machine gun rattling off images of corruption, violence, and overcoming adversity with a sort of swagger that rarely is perfected in the same way. Though this album is not perfect, it is a call to attention for anything Curry attempts in the future.

2. “Silver Eye” by Goldfrapp

Goldfrapp has had some time to perfect their craft. Thankfully, this english electronic duo finally has. This album borrows song structures from their contemporaries that typically inhabit a more calm theme – and then amp up the volume and intensity. While this album may not band, it certainly reverberates.

1. “A Crow Looked At Me” by Mount Eerie

Get out the tissues. This is an album penned by Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum for his recently deceased wife. Three tracks in, one will find it nearly impossible not to tear-up over the heartfelt and heavy lyrics. Quiet guitars dance with a watery drum machine tuned. There isn’t a whole lot to back up instrumentation, but despite this, the melodies find a lot of strength in their simplitcity – drawing more attention to the stories told through lyrics.


5. “Turn Into” by Jay Som

Jay Som is Oakland-based musician Melina Duterte and her answer to 2016’s “Turn Into.” Although Duterte has been quietly releasing strong releases for a few years now, the college radio world can no longer ignore her with what is an incredibly heartfelt and emotion-packed guitar-driven record.

4. “Vita Lucinda” by Cavegreen

Cavegreen is an electronic project that places a heavy focus on atmospheric sounds. Each track carries a significant melody surrounded by ambient sounds – typically jungle-themed. Added only last week, the fact that this album hopped so quickly to number four shows how quickly KJHK is taking to this Washington-based duo.

3. “Fresh Air” by Homeshake

From KJHK Staffer Doug Bybee:

Fresh Air is the third album by Homeshake, the solo act of former Mac DeMarco guitarist, Peter Sagar. Sagar moves further into his bedroom RnB, this time singing about (mis)communication in washy falsettos over plunky synths. This album burns slow the whole way through, soundtracking your sophomoric AM hours with brief flashes of funkiness. ‘Every Single Thing’ has a wonky hop to it with a chorus to play hooky to. ‘Getting Down Pt II’ and ‘TV Volume’ feature Homeshake’s signature discordant guitar strums recalling his debut In The Shower. Peter’s bass picks up pace on ‘Khmlwugh’ bouncing up one of the strongest hooks on the record. The title track “Fresh Air” is a nice breather as Peter prepares for his hot air balloon coma in ‘This Way.’ Although not before slipping in the funky alarm clock of ‘Serious.’ Some of the tunes get a little breezy, but some solid anchors keep it from blowing away. Best served at 9am, 2am, and on rainy days.”

2. “Sincerely” by Dude York

Dude York is a Seattle-based trio that center themselves around a garage rock sound. With their third release, 2017’s Sincerely is a fuzzy pop record under the guise of angsty garage rock. This record is packed with riff-heavy tracks that rip themselves through heartbreak and the petty squabbles that surround a failed relationship. Anxiety and eroding mental health umbrella over a lot of these tracks with a sort of reliability that has gone unmatched for years.

1. “Drunk” by Thundercat

From KJHK staffer Cody Boston:

“The tell-tale funk and groove of Thundercat is back and better than ever with his latest album, Drunk. And, as a good friend once told me, this man knows how to make some damn fun music that’s almost impossible to resist dancing to. From the sage advice of how to stop feeling weird in “Captain Stupido”, to the life altering effects of a Goku action figure, this album presents some of the goofiest Thundercat tracks to date with impressive features from Flying Lotus, Sounwave, Kendrick Lamar, Pharell Williams, and Kenny Loggins.


Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 MOUNT EERIE * A Crow Looked At Me * * waiting for CMJ verification
2 GOLDFRAPP * Silvereye * * waiting for CMJ verification
4 GORILLAZ* “Ascension (ft. Vince Staples)” [SINGLE] * * waiting for CMJ verification
5 KENDRICK LAMAR “The Heart – Part IV” [SINGLE] * * waiting for CMJ verification

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Rank Artist Recording Label User Supplied Version
1 THUNDERCAT Drunk Brainfeeder
2 DUDE YORK Sincerely
4 CAVEGREEN * Vita Lucinda * * waiting for CMJ verification
5 JAY SOM Turn Into Polyvinyl
6 LA GUERRE Sapphires
7 CLAP YOUR HANDS AND SAY YEAH! * The Tourist * * waiting for CMJ verification
8 TENNIS * Yours Conditionally * * waiting for CMJ verification
9 BASH AND POP Anything Could Happen Fat Possum
10 KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD * Flying Microtonal Banana * ATO * waiting for CMJ verification
11 SPOON Hot Thoughts Matador
12 SURFER BLOOD Snowdonia Joyful Noise
13 SACRED PAWS Strike A Match Rock Action
14 SPACEFACE Sun Kids Self-Released
15 THE DIG Bloodshot Tokyo
16 JULIE BYRNE Not Even Happiness Ba Da Bing!
17 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE * The Painters EP * * waiting for CMJ verification
18 MEAT WAVE * The Incessant * * waiting for CMJ verification
20 SHINS Heartworms
21 HIDEOUT So Many Hoops/So Little Time Small Plates
22 XIU XIU * FORGET * * waiting for CMJ verification
23 MODERN ENGLISH * Take Me To The Trees * * waiting for CMJ verification
24 TY SEGALL Ty Segall (2017) Drag City
26 TY RICHARS * Zillion * * waiting for CMJ verification
27 STEF CHURA Messes Urinal Cake
28 TIM DARCY * Saturday Night * * waiting for CMJ verification
29 RYAN ADAMS Prisoner Blue Note
30 MOLOCHS America’s Velvet Glory Innovative Leisure

* indicates information which has not yet been verified by CMJ staff.