OWEL: Dear Me

OWEL, an indie rock band with a lot to offer, released their sophomore album Dear Me. With a couple listens, their skill is evident. The vocals, led by Jay Sakong, are ethereal, leading the listener on a wave of sound that crescendo into a cavern of instruments. It’s a relaxing experience, even though the content is more reflective of the artists headspace. However, it can be said that the album is more or less a true testament to our everyday lives. There are happy moments sure, but there are also much darker and introspective ones that should be talked about. I really enjoyed the transitions within the album. One of my favorite aspects is the replay transition from the last track on the album to the first. It provided a really nice loop that wasn’t too gaudy or obvious.

Some tracks that stood out include “Slow”, “Too Young to Fall in Love”, and “Steal the Moon.” All of which showcase the set-up that leads to the swelling bridges that end in a climax of sound. On the tracks “Steal the Moon” and “Too Young to Fall in Love,” guitarist Seamus O’Connor comes in with some really cool riffs that do well to create some ear-worm beats. Of the songs, I’d say “Too Young to Fall in Love” has the most energy right off the bat. The others bring in the energy toward the end but provide a set-up that is well worth the wait.

Overall, the steadily climbing atmosphere OWEL has to offer in this LP is nothing short of a smooth sound experience for the listener.

Recommended If You Like: Death Cab for Cutie, From Indian Lakes, Lydia
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Slow), 3 (Too Young to Fall in Love), 7 (Steal the Moon)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 03/25/2017

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