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SHAED: Just Wanna See

SHAED are a trio group made up of Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst. Their music boasts an eclectic mix of strings of repeated vocals with low-down synthesizer beats that meld nicely into the background. “Perfume” proves to be a standout track on the album and would be my prime choice for playback in almost any scenario. There is more versatility to the verses and chorus in the single that unfortunately lose their luster in later tracks. Other tracks on the album tend to be repetitive and underwhelming in comparison to the introduction. It’s as if they gave their all to draw the listener in, and then the rest of the album’s production falls short.

SHAED shows they have the potential to produce lively and interesting music, they just haven’t shown full capacity on Just Wanna See

Recommended If You Like: Ella Vos, Sylvan Esso, Foreign Air
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Perfume), 5 (Running Through the Fields)
Do Not Play: 6 (Name On It)
Written by Savannah Adams on 04/13/2017