SportsNight KU Podcast: 5/8/17

On this week’s edition of SportsNight KU, it’s a special taste of Chicago edition, as host Brendan Dzwierzynski is joined by award-winning broadcaster, renowned columnist and fellow Chicagoan Mike Maicke. The guys discuss the second round of the NBA playoffs (1:12), the rough start for the Royals’ offense and other MLB notes (23:48), and how much impact the Broncos signing Jamaal Charles will have this season (42:38). Plus, the guys Embrace Debate when they discuss the learning curve for rookie QBs (48:47) and tell you what to watch in the coming week in One More Time (51:20).

This is a podcast version of a show which originally aired Monday, May 8, 2017, on KJHK 90.7 FM.

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Feature photo courtesy of Flickr.