Soundset Music Festival Preview

The 10th annual Soundset Festival is happening May 28, 2017 on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

The Atmosphere-curated one day fest includes performances from some of rap’s most prominent and lit artists, like Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, T.I., Mac Miller, and a performance from elusive R&B queen Ms. Lauryn Hill.

The impressive lineup is stacked from top to bottom with some of the dopest names in rap, including promising up-and-comers like Amine, Denzel Curry, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Uzi is easily the fastest rising star in the game right now, accumulating an unbelievable amount of fame and fans in the past two years alone. His incredibly catchy music and immediate rockstar appeal lead to a an absolute superstar in the making. While Uzi has released some of his biggest tracks to date, including “Do What I Want” and “You Was Right”, his rise to fame is not even close to his peak. In fact, his latest single, ” XO Tour Llif3″ is his most popular track currently. His Rolling Loud festival appearance was easily the most buzzworthy of the weekend, and led to the most meme’d image of the weekend- a shot of Uzi jumping off a 50 foot tent into the crowd. This will be a can’t-miss, exceedingly hype event of the day.

Another can’t-miss artist on the bill is Houston rapper and avid-trend setter, Travis Scott. There is no doubt that Travis Scott is perhaps the leading curator and pusher of the culture today. His sound, uniquely menacing and hypnotizing as well as hard-as-hell and melodic, is instantly recognizable as one of those songs that people will turn up to. Songs like “Antidote,” “3500,” and “Goosebumps,” will erupt out of the speakers at Soundset and the crowd will absolutely lose its collective mind. There is something infectious and rambunctious about Scott’s music, and it’s effect on all other music coming out today, including Uzi’s is directly apparent. Scott is one of the most sought after and beloved artist in the game today and his shows are some of the rowdiest, most fun in rap.

Gucci Mane, a legend in every sense of the word, is on an award tour right now. After being released from jail earlier in 2016, he has released some of his best music, accumulated more wealth and success than he ever has, and has become one of rap’s greatest treasures. Since leaving jail, he has dropped 2 studio albums and a mixtape- all of which featured multiple hits, several superstar features, and countless bangers. To hear some of these songs from a man who is currently at the height of his game will be phenomenal to watch. Not to mention, Gucci has some of the underground’s most fire tracks, including “Lemonade” and “1st and 15th,” which will rattle the ground at Soundset.

What more could be said about festival-headliners, Soundset founders, and Minnesota natives Atmosphere. Their sound, their lyrics, and their unbelievable body of work make them easily one of the most prolific rap groups in history. MC Slug has an incredible stage presence and is able to release lyrics even more powerful than ever imaginable on the album. Every chance possible to see these guys is a true pleasure, they are professionals to the highest degree, and are constant fan favorites. For this, the tenth anniversary of Soundset, a special set will certainly be in order.

Soundset features an outstanding lineup and will most definitely have plenty of sets that will have people talking for a long time. Coming up quickly, on May 28th, this is a one day event that is truly a can’t-miss.


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