(Sandy) Alex G has finally been getting the attention they deserve. Solo multi-instrumentalist Alex G (also known as Sandy?) has been recording music in his bedroom since 2010. While most of his success has been in the DIY/Bedroom scene, Alex G has recently received attention from the main stream when Alex G was asked to join Frank Ocean on his recent release. Rocket is the seventh full length album Sandy Alex G has produced and uses the same interesting chord progressions and layering seen on some of the previous works. This album seems even more accessible than the last and will fit well in any rotation playlist. If you like lo-fi, bedroom recording and the occasional experimentation, check out this album!

Recommended If You Like: Elvis Depressedly, Built to Spill, Elliott Smith, Frank Ocean, LVL UP, Told Slant, Girlpool
Recommended Tracks: 11 (Powerful Man), 2 (Proud), 1 (Poison Root), 4 (Bobby), 13 (Big Fish)
Do Not Play: FCC Clean
Written by Rachel Bennett on 06/06/2017