Widowspeak: Expect the Best

It is hard not to have high hopes for an album when the first thing you see is a purple lava lamp underneath the title, Expect the Best. Luckily Widowspeak, an indie rock band from Brooklyn, did not disappoint. While a bit more haunting than their previous releases, you can still expect Hamilton’s misty vocals on their fourth full length release.

The band is composed of Molly Hamilton with vocals and rhythm guitar, Robert Earl Thomas playing lead guitar, Willy Muse with bass, and James Jano on drums. The band is currently signed with Captured Tracks along with Mac Demarco, Wild Nothing, and DIIV to name a few. Hamilton pushed herself out of her comfort zone lyrically with this album and the result is raw and beautiful.

Hamilton told NPR. “Sometimes, I get caught up in ‘the grass is always greener’ mentalities, or cling to an idea that ‘I’d be happy if…’ and then make a drastic change. Then, inevitably, I feel restless a few months later and it starts again.” This concept of trying to act more optimistic than is realistically possible shows there is more to the title, Expect the Best, then ego about the music itself.

On “Good Sport”, Hamilton shows the urge to “just walk away” and “When I Tried’ reveals her struggle to stay motivated. She taps into personal detachment and comes to the conclusion that emotional clarity is not a simple concept. This album gives us a brief yet intimate look into her clouded thoughts.

This late-summer release is just in time for Widowspeak’s 2017 tour beginning on September 8th in Boston and ending just over a month later with one final show in their hometown.

Recommended If You Like: Beach House, Youth Lagoon, Wye Oak
Recommended Tracks: 1 (The Dream), 3 (Dog), 6 (Let Me)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Miranda Roberts on 09/07/2017