Local band, HIRETH, took the stage of the Pavilion in the Lied Center last Thursday for the SUA event, Tunes @ Night. The relatively small crowd mingled through the room munching on fruit and cheese, as the band took the stage (yes SUA provides free food). HIRETH is an alternative rock band, whose sound is reminiscent of Young the Giant.

The group of four played through a couple of their songs (available on SoundCloud) before bassist, Garrison, intrigued the room with the familiar bass line preluding the DNCE song, “Cake by the Ocean”. As humans are creatures of habit, in playing this song, HIRETH brought themselves closer to the audience and now had the entire room “bought in” to their performance.

Lead singer Cooper then asked for a relationship, location, and conflict which the crowd supplied, respectively: a grandma and grandson, Delaware, and broken down car. Together the band freestyled a hilarious tune about grandma’s car and the need to “Get out of Delaware,” leaving everyone in the room laughing and jamming by its conclusion.

photo by Dakota Behrman

HIRETH features strong guitar riffs and bass lines, that are percussively driven by drummer Quinn, lending much foot tapping and head bobbing from the crowd as they continued to play their original works. Members of the crowd got on their feet and danced as the band played the Bowling for Soup classic, “1985”.

As the show drew to a close, lead guitarist Steve, had the spotlight as he shredded the guitar solo to “Hotel California.” Overall HIRETH demonstrated their raw musical talent throughout the set as well as strong charisma. Look for HIRETH on SoundCloud and in the news, as they boasted this would be their last performance in Lawrence.