A Melting Pot of Genre: Goldlink @ The Granada

Last night, Goldlink, and opening-act affiliate Maségo shook a mid-sized crowd at the Granada with a blend of house music, trap/drill, and jazz. Needless to say, the way these genres blended together served the crowd in only the right way- there wasn’t a frown to be seen in the building for the two-or-so hours of the show.

Goldlink’s energetic set was prepared when a DJ came out playing pump-up hip hop to get the crowd ready: “Goldlink in five minutes”, the hype DJ said. When Goldlink came out, the crowd lit up in one of the darker backdrops for a show I have seen at the Granada. There was a heaping amount of blue lights with what appeared to be a grassy backdrop.

Easily, the highlight of the night was when the crowd begged for Goldlink to play his hit track “Crew” a second time, directly after energizing to the maximum on his first play through. Goldlink didn’t pause for a moment to do any slow-jams. Instead he danced and jumped around the stage, showed the crowd his love by giving lengthy handshakes, while the crowd roared. Although there was no encore, the energy could’ve been there as there seemed to be no inch of disappointment in the building after the show was done.