Bubbles At The Lied Center

On Sunday, October the 8th,  the Underwater Bubble Show entertained people of all ages at the Lied Center. The Latvian-produced show was complete with everything from glowing bubbles to a contortionist in a fish costume. The musical, colorful, and energetic show transported the audience into a magical, bubble filled world full of surprises.

The show’s intro consisted of a masked man who, overwhelmed by the technology around him, is transported to the magical world of bubbles. A man in a fish costume then appeared and walked around in a giant bubble. After this mini show of dancing and flashing lights, two characters appeared. They proceeded to blow bubbles and make them glow. They managed to fill the bubbles with smoke, make them float, and stick bubbles together during their time on stage. All this happened while bubbles were being blown from machines towards the audience and while quirky music was playing.

More segments continued after the intermission. In order to further create the illusion of being underwater in the ocean, giant sheets were passed over the audience to simulate waves. A giant pearl was the at the center of a segment, which instantly turned into a giant dance party for the fish. After that, two acrobats gracefully performed their routine. The highlight of the show was probably the contortionist, however. He could bend his body in every direction and move like the waves of the ocean. After his routine, his applause was obviously the loudest. To end the show, giant bubbles were thrown into the audience and passed around by everyone.

The Underwater Bubble Show was like a mix between Cirque du Soleil and Finding Nemo, but with bubbles. It was an odd, but enjoyable, experience.

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