Andrew Chavez

Grade: Junior

Major: Strategic Communications

KJHK Position: Music director

Cami: If you could see anyone in concert dead or alive, who would it be? 

Andrew: Honestly, I’d probably say Amy Winehouse, she is my mom’s number 1,  living or dead, so I kind of grew up, like my mom introduced me to her and I just think she has one of the most incredibly voices of all time. So yeah, definitely her.

C: What is  one thing you think everyone should know about KJHK?

A: How easy it is to join and become apart of it and honestly how easy it is to start filling your own personal initiative once you join. I know when I first joined, I was going into it more as a hobby or just because it was a simple interest, I think you should definitely act on those interests early on, because I feel like when you do act on an interest it can become so much more than that, and I think that’s what KJHK offers to the student body.

C: What is your dream job? 

A: That’s actually kind of a hard question!

C: Yeah it is, haha sorry. 

A: In terms of like what I plan to continue studying and in terms of my roll with KJHK, that’s definitely important actually because KJHK is actually what made me want to switch to journalism. In terms of a specific job, I’m not sure I have a specific job title in mind, but I definitely know that now being in Journalism an with KJHK as the music director it’s definitely opened my eyes to a whole new field, and just wanting to involve myself more in the music industry. I hope in the future I can somehow bridge the two together whether it be through PR or Marketing, but I definitely want to keep music and the industry very much in my life and career.

C: You also DJ as well? 

A: Yeah! I have the Monday local block from 6-7

C: Cool, thats a fun job you get to meet and discover new people. 

A: Oh yeah definitely I love it.

C: Favorite study spot on campus or off

A: Honestly I don’t do that much on campus studying, I mean I do go to the libraries for group study for sure, but in terms of my personal, yeah just in my apartment is where I feel most comfortable and where I can focus.

C: What is your spirit animal? 

A: I don’t want to be the person to tie Harry Potter into everything, but I remember taking the Patronus thing on Pottermore and it said it was a stoat which is like a type of weasel, but I’m not sure if that’s what I would embody as my spirit animal, I feel like…honestly I feel like I would have something to do with some sort of canine. I don’t want to say a dog or a wolf but, I’m a very loyal person. Honestly no I would go for a bear.

C: Oh a bear? 

A: I would say like not in terms of appearance but in terms of their behaviors because I can be fairly lazy and just want to like lie around all day, or if any disturbs my peaceful home environment, or messes with the stability in my life. I’m a bear.

C: At what age did you discover your music taste? Obviously KJHK people don’t listen mainstream music so much because it’s an alternative station, so when did you discover that you had your own taste in music?

A: I would say probably in middle school, maybe late elementary school?  But definitely once I got into junior high because I went to a private elementary school and that didn’t really affect my music in any way, but I think when I went to junior high and got a new friend group and everything I feel like I wanted to actively start seeking out music rather than just listen to the radio all the time. I got and iPod and I could go on iTunes and buy music, go out and buy a CD. I think having a new friend group peaked my initiative and interest to go out and seek not pop acts.

C: Favorite movie and why? 

A: Shoot…at the moment Id say my favorite movie would be, actually not even at the moment just of all time would be Scream. I love horror films. Well I wouldn’t classify it as a great horror film, I think its a great scary movie. I always try to differ between horror and scary. I think Scream is so 90s and I love everything about that.

C: Favorite Twitter account?

A: Tabloid art history. I believe that’s what the name is, basically its an account that always posts side by side images. One will be an image from the tabloids like a paparazzi picture of Britney Spears or any recent paparazzi photos, and then it’ll have an image of a painting either from the renaissance era or impressionist or something like that and it basically draws a parallel between them. Its my all time favorite because I’m a sucker for celebrity culture.

C: What didn’t I ask that you wish I did?

A: Definitely come to me if you ever want to talk about astrology. I feel like since I started college that’s when I started becoming more interested in astrology and one of my close friends is super super into it and has tons of books on it and stuff.

C: So how upset where you by the solar eclipse?

A: I was totally bummed out. I wanted to see something and feel the energy. I was like I know it’s happening but I can’t see anything. I even went to the cornfields by my parents house, like maybe it will clear up at some point, but it never did so that was a bummer.