Moonweather: Sit Down Be Small

If you’re looking for some road-tripping tunes, look no further. Somehow seamlessly combining the twang of back-country folk, instrumental ambience, and upbeat indie pop groove, sit down be small is a perfect album for the transition from summer to fall. Despite the album’s overall light-hearted sound, many of the lyrics are quite profound—and dark, at times. For example, in one of the standout songs on the album, “Burn Me,” the lead singer invites the song’s subject to ‘burn my home, it’s my home / dig until you hit the bone.’

Moonweather is an eccentric trio from Cincinnati, Ohio. While Bill Hodge, Colin Hoell, and Bobby Burgess are the group’s permanent members, twelve other musical instrumentalists also appear on sit down be small. This sound diversity is clearly reflected; each track lends its own unique flair to the album’s overall composition, from the cacophonous outro of “Burn Me” to the cheerful banjo line in “Rolling Over” to the soothing guitar picking and vocals of “Isabelle.”

For a debut, this album is surprisingly complex and dynamic. Moonweather has broken into the music scene with tunes both innovative and enjoyable and has set high expectations for future releases. Until then, we’ll be basking in the chill vibes of sit down be small.

Recommended If You Like: Grizzly Bear, Dr. Dog, Sea Wolf, Iron & Wine
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Burn Me), 4 (Water), 8 (Isabelle), 9 (Drying Out)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Jaya Chakka on 11/09/2017