*repeat repeat: Floral Canyon

Birthed in the illustrious Nashville, Tennessee, *repeat repeat is a collaboration of three musicians with disparate backgrounds. Jared Corder, the band’s frontman, was originally from California and grew up listening to punk-rock. Andy Herrin, the drummer, is a 90’s music aficionado. The group is rounded out by Jared’s wife, Kristyn; she features on the keyboard and vocal harmonies and was raised on 60’s tunes.

Floral Canyon is the group’s second album, following Bad Latitude in 2014. This new release carries on the band’s signature sound, which they dub “surf rockcandy.” The elements of the members’ musical upbringings are evident in their unique discography; the songs feature shredding surf guitar riffs, 60’s pop vocal harmonies and organ progressions, and a healthy dose of garage rock undertones. While the instrumentation is quite impressive, the lyrics and vocals prevent this album from being extraordinary; both are, in a word, generic. Despite the disparity in quality between the singing and the rest of the music, however, the songs remain engaging and enjoyable.

The album is whimsically eccentric and fun. Featuring quirky 60’s show soundbites and psychedelic interludes, the record transforms into something greater than a simple track list. Floral Canyon is an exhibition, a multi-dimensional piece of art encased in vibrant packaging. Every listen feels like a top-down summer drive from the beaches of California to the deserts of the Southwest. This is an album you’ll have on *repeat repeat in your head for months.

Recommended If You Like: The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, Car Seat Headrest
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Mostly), 9 (Plugged In), 11 (Hang It Low), 12 (Speaker Destroyer)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Jaya Chakka on 10/01/2017