First Aid Kit: Fireworks – Single

Sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg comprise the band First Aid Kit. Together, they’ve crafted a trio of albums largely comprised of folk alternative music. In 2018, they’re coming out with their fourth studio album, titled Ruins. Their single, “Fireworks,” is a sweet keynote that hopefully paves the way for the rest of the album to follow. Gentle plucks of strings and tinkling piano notes open up the song, leading into a slow crescendo of sound that envelopes the listener. In comes the chorus, as the sisters vocalize a beautiful melody: “Why do I do this to myself? Every time, I know the way it ends. Before it’s even begun, I’m the only one at the finish line.” There’s a certain nostalgia that comes from hearing the chorus, one that may have you missing someone or something from a life you’ve never actually lived. “Fireworks” artfully executes excellent instrumentation with chilling emotive vocals, making it well worth a spot on your playlist.

Recommended If You Like: The Tallest Man on Earth, Rilo Kiley, Fleet Foxes
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Fireworks)
Do Not Play: N/A
Written by Savannah Adams on 01/17/2018

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