Marlon Williams: Make Way For Love

Hailing from New Zealand and boasting a heavily music-enriched background, Marlon Williams has created perhaps one of the most interesting new sounds in alternative music. It would be unfair to label Williams’s music simply as “country music.” Though he draws clear influence from the sad twang of cowboy blues, he also bridges several other genres; these include mellow folk, old-timey rock and roll, and swooning piano ballads.

Williams is also quite the gifted singer, with vocals ranking among those of the old country music greats. His range is incredible; he hits both low, rich notes and vibrato-laced high notes with ease. Most importantly, the emotion Williams infuses into every word is enough to make evoke heartache in even the most dispassionate listener.

Make Way For Love is undeniably a break-up album. The songs collectively journey through the stages of grief associated with lost love, from desire to revenge to eventual acceptance. Williams even boldly features the object of the album, Aldous Harding, on its penultimate track (“Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore”). This particular track is especially haunting, presenting the ethereal harmonies of Harding and Williams over perpetually-expanding instrumentation.

The overall composition of the record is excellent. Each song has a distinct sound and emotion, but the tracks still craft a cohesive and compelling story. There is a song on Make Way For Love for anyone in any stage of the breakup process, for anyone who has had their heart broken or is terrified by the possibility. Acknowledge your loneliness, release your inner sad cowboy, and allow yourself to wallow in the gorgeous melancholy of Marlon Williams’ voice.

Recommended If You Like: Aldous Harding, M. Ward, Roy Orbison
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Come To Me), 5 (Can I Call You), 6 (Love Is A Terrible Thing), 10 (Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore)
Do Not Play: 4 (Party Boy)
Written by Jaya Chakka on 02/19/2018