Tunes @ Night w/ Shoebox Money

SUA and KJHK consistently bring in fantastic bands for their monthly Tunes @ Night concerts. February’s featured band, Shoebox Money, was no exception to the trend.

Shoebox Money features two talented guitarists, Ben Schenberg also the vocalist, and Ben Wellwood who plays the harmonica as well on select songs. While these guitarists are prevalent in the band’s sound, they by no means overshadow Dylan Mccune on drums and Patrick Spanier on bass who drive the rhythmic feel of the band that you can’t help but tap your foot to.

The Lawrence native band at times transported the crowd to the streets of Memphis with their bluesy vibe, yet mixed in rock and alternative sounds to create a unique and modern listening experience. This sound is found in the band’s originals as well as the familiar covers of Franz Ferdinand and the Black Crowes they added to their set. If the crowd harbored any doubts concerning Shoebox Money’s versatility, influence, or skill they were eliminated after an innovative performance combining John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” with Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So.”

Combining two contrasting songs and not only making it work but making it seem as though the songs were meant to go together; this is indicative of the band themselves. With two new members after bassist, Patrick returned from a study abroad trip, the band has been able to compile their assets amazingly and create a group who seems to have played together for years, and seemingly will continue to do so.

Shoebox money promises a release of their single “Riverside” on Spotify soon and
hopes to perform in Lawrence again in March. Until then, listen to Shoebox Money in their Live @ KJHK performance and follow them on social media for updates. The next Tunes @ Night will be held March 14th.