“We’ll be right Whiff you,” jokes bassist Zach Campbell as the band finishes tuning their instruments. As a pun connoisseur myself, this line instantly made me excited to hear the band play. I think to myself, “If their playing ability matches their wit, then this will be an excellent performance!” Long story short, their playing ability easily met my expectations.

The band is comprised of four members: Zach Campbell (bass/vocals), Joey Rubbish (guitar/vocals), Rory Cameron (guitar/vocals), and Jake Cardwell (drums). Though he did not sing lead on every song, Campbell can best be described as the lead singer. His voice reminds me of Ray Davies, lead singer of The Kinks. In fact, the whole band reminds me of The Kinks. This is high praise coming from a Classic Rock fan.

On a more personal note, I liked how the lead singer is also the bass player. Most rock bands have their guitarist sing, so I like it when bands break from that mold. Especially considering that Campbell was playing some very involved bass lines while bellowing out his classic-style vocals.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about these guys. The guitars synched up nicely, the rhythm section was tight, and the songs were well-written. Their performance was tight too. They didn’t waste time talking or telling jokes in between songs, so the music just kept coming. There were only two or three times when Campbell actually said anything between songs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear him very well because the drummer had a case of APS (Always-Playing-Syndrome). As a drummer myself, I can relate.

Ultimately, it was a good experience despite the sound issues. If you’re a fan of rock, especially classic rock, I recommend checking out their newest album, “Take a Whiff,” on bandcamp! https://thewhiffs.bandcamp.com/releases