While the Burge Union has been open for students since the beginning of April, it was officially opened by an impressive gathering of people last Friday. In attendance was Chancellor Girod, members of the Burge family, Union sponsored groups (SUA and KJHK) and many of the architects, constructors, and contributors to the building.

Many in attendance were handed a pair of scissors upon arrival. After several brief speeches, dedications, and notes of appreciation, the word was given and everyone rushed to cut a part of the ribbon maze created outside of the building. Now being opened, the crowd filtered inside under an arch of crimson and blue balloons. 

Attendees were handed maps of the building and allowed to walk amongst the rooms finding club representative, free things, raffles, and food. In the main ballroom, KJHK kept the mood bumpin’ while SUA members walked around with trays of pulled pork sandwiches for all to enjoy. 

After satiating their mid-afternoon hunger, the crowds moved outside to the courtyard area. Here, local band and 2018 Farmer’s Ball champions, Shoebox Money, performed for about an hour. While vibing with the band, people could also blow bubbles, play corn hole (or bags-don’t want to start any controversy here), and enjoy samples of Pepsi’s “bubly.” The weather could not have been more beautiful for the event, and it went off without a hitch. 

The new Burge Union is a great space with tons of study spots, both indoor and outdoor. If you haven’t had the chance to get over there, I highly suggest you do so.