Animal Electricity: Beginning To See The Light

Electricity’s’ latest release takes you on a journey through exactly that, a new light from their previously folk sound to a whole new rock level. Their mastery into keeping a consistent soul beats and creating new electric rock that is a force to be reckoned with.

Beginning To See The Light starts with “See The Light”, a perfect show of prowess into this new rock heavy beat, “When the old is dead will you accept the new?” This new mountain rock sound created by guitarists Chip Schoneburger and C.P. Carrington is exactly what the band needed from their last two more Indie/folk albums.

Having created this new sound, they still create a sense of belonging to their Denver roots with “Any Minute Now Is Not Soon Enough,” and “Suffragettes.” But this total exchange of rock and folk can especially be heard in their song “New Century Refugee Blues in C Major”.

“New Century Refugee Blues…” capitalizes on the bands new and old sound that creates a general love for all fans of folk and rock and roll. Their album ends with the fiery ending of “Boomerang,” and gives the audience their last taste of sweet guitar solos and new found sound. If you don’t listen to this album with the windows down and when you “look upon the mountain, I see a light that shines.” Then you don’t truly know the sweet taste of Animal Electricity’s mountain rock.

Recommended If You Like: Poptone, Afrosonics, Brian Hill, Leroy Francis
Recommended Tracks: Any Minute Now Is Not Soon Enough, Suffragettes, New Century Refugee Blues in C Major
Do Not Play: None
Written by Christian Toth on 09/05/2018

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