DEVOTCHKA: This Night Falls Forever

This multi-ensemble group continues to create a trek of adventure that transports you each time to a different time and place. Devotchkas latest album, This Night Falls Forever, creates the ever growing presence of space and suspension. The groups Colorado roots combined with the vocals of Nick Urata and Jeanie Shroder, harmonies and classical instrumentals of Tom Hagerman, and the percussion of Shawn King, can make you feel like you’re floating through the rocky mountains.

“Straight Shot” starts the melody tunes with Nick Urata creating a evanescence of ooh’s as you pass by the cold morning mountain sky as you travel through “Lose You In The Crowd, and Done With Those Days.” “Love Letters brings you back down to earth with his call for love, “Are you still in love/ It floats all around and above all the noise/ And plucks at my heartstrings till I let you in.”

This ambience of softness is interrupted by Let Me Sleep and the eeriness of a crude sly violin and piano mix. This with Second Chance creates a calling for love “Oh your lips are like home / your arms are like old friends / Take me back again.” Devotchkas call for the true love air is a harmonious ride that helps the album create a calm end of new beginnings between their old album 100 Lovers and How It ends. Nonetheless creating a new adventure for the group.

The long winding adventures of Devotchka continues to lead listeners on a new highway of roots and new sounds that culminate together that allows others to adventure from their burlesque and underground starting. Devotchka continues to amaze new followers with the mix of new punk and old burlesque.

Recommended If You Like: Andrew Bird, The Decemberists, Bowerbirds, The Dodos, Beirut, Man Man
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Straight Shot), 4 (Love Letters), 8 (The Break Up Song)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Christian Toth on 09/17/2018

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