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Cheech Marin and Dani Ramirez-Chicano Art

Kicking off the Free State Festival, film star Cheech Marin visited The Lawrence Art Center to give a talk about Chicano art and his new museum in Riverside, CA. KJHK Arts Reporter, Chris Conde, is seen here meeting Cheech after the show.Conde also got some DVD's signed by Cheech.Dani Ramirez sits in his studio following an interview with Chris CondeA ghoulish figure is one way to describe Dani's first painting, maybe The Scream, or even something from the pages of Game of Thrones, this untitled work from Dani Ramirez stirs the imagination.Blue and yellow create depth and order in this untitled work From Dani Ramirez.

Cheech Marin visited Lawrence to speak on Chicano art at the Free State Festival, which sparked KJHK reporter Chris Conde to research local Chicano artist like Dani Ramirez and to reach out to them.

Click the links to listen to Conde’s interviews with Cheech and Ramirez, and learn more about Chicano art.

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