Classic Liberalism, Love and Vinyl-Ad Astra Episode 3

Here’s what you missed on this week’s broadcast of Ad Astra! Stream the podcasts now by clicking the links.
The Horse Race, Episode 3 – Locke’d and Loaded
Nick yaps about a bunch of dead guys and their thoughts on liberty, individualism, and good government. Then, he finds a living guy named Benjamin and chats about why Benjamin likes the dead guys and their thoughts even though lots of people don’t.
Bonus: Around 1:50, Nick tries to use a French accent and fails spectacularly.
The Love that Cannot be Named and the Man of No Importance
Chris Conde recently attended the KU Theatre’s version of “The Man of No Importance.” The play inspired thoughts on a subject we all think about, love. Conde talks with the play’s lead, and director, to muse on “crazy love” in this  podcast.
Vinyl Revival
Why do so many millennials own record players? What business do these youngins have in this archaic music playback experience? Maybe you’ve been asking yourself these questions. Jordan Doss explores the concept, drawing on the opinions of the Love Garden Sounds owner and the KJHK For the Record host.
Wayback Watson Episode 3 
Crimson, Blue, Go KU! Well, as Jaymee finds out in this episode of Wayback Watson, these weren’t always the colors of KU.
Wayback Watson is a collaborative effort between the Arts and Culture staff members. This week the script was written and produced by Karsan Turner.
30,000 Stories-Natalie
Everyone has a story right? In her series, 30,000 Stories, Kate Mays finds the anecdotes of everyday KU students and faculty. In this episode, she talks with Natalie about her heritage, her age, and her problems with a high school English teacher. Intrigued? You should be.

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The next episode takes a spooky theme and airs on Halloween (10/31) you don’t want to miss it!