KYLE’s Lightspeed World Tour @ the Granada

Last year, I had the opportunity to see KYLE perform on his Super Duper KYLE Tour, so I was excited to see him perform for the second time. When I saw that KYLE was going on the Lightspeed World Tour, I was excited to go because I have been a big fan of KYLE for a while now, and was happy to see him go on his first world tour. The previous year his opener was Cousin Stizz, which was pretty underwhelming.
However, this year I thought his openers fit really well with KYLE’s style of music. His two openers this year were Tobi Lou and Marc E. Bassy. I only knew a few songs from both artists,  their performances were great, and they had the entire crowd singing along.

When KYLE finally came out he mainly performed songs from his new album Light of Mine but the most notable songs, in my opinion, were “Games”, “Zoom”, and “Playwitme”. One of the things that I found interesting was how KYLE was able to entirely captivate his fans. Part of his performance him telling the crowd personal stories which played into the next song. I felt that they flowed very well with performance and helped the fans feel more connected with the artist. Although he did perform many of the songs from his new album the crowd kept chanting “Wavy” which refers to one of his older songs, “King Wavy”. After he performed that song, he continued to perform many of his older songs like “Doubt it”, “Don’t Wanna Fall in Love”, and “Fruit Snacks” & “Cups of Patrons”. He ended the show by literally crowd surfing, his team pulling out a surfboard and KYLE performing  his final song on the surfboard while the fans held it up.

Overall, I thought that KYLE’s performance was really great compared to his performance last year. He did a great job improving his visuals by adding more lighting to his stage. In my opinion, he did a better job picking the openers which created an overall better show.