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Tunes @ Night w/ Blue False Indigo!

This Monday’s “Tunes at Night”, a free event put on by the SUA, featured socializing, cupcakes, and the musical stylings of Blue False Indigo.

On their youtube page, the Kansas City based outfit describes themselves as a “Spooky-Folk band” Their lyrics are cryptic, often biblical.

“They sent a storm; they thought that they’d destroy us,” sings lead vocal/guitar Makayla Scott to a crowd of around thirty. Bandmates A.J Reynolds and Kara LePage sang backing vocals, and two persons referred to during the show as “the boys” filled in on drums and second guitar.

The group is currently promoting their New LP “More Light”, which features Scott’s subtle melodies and oodles of Bluegrass type harmonies, the band’s main draw. There’s the “spookier” tracks like “After The Flood,” but the album is full of crowd pleasers too. In the post break-up song, “Wild Eyes,” Scott begs the song’s subject not to cry over the past—a classic way to get the listener’s tear factory up and running.

Most attendees sat around the tables set up by the volunteers and watched as the group’s haunting sound filled the pavilion. Between songs, the members spoke to the audience about their time in Lawrence. Scott admitted that earlier in the day she had gotten her first ever parking ticket, but promised that she wouldn’t hold it against the city. Students laughed, sharing her frustration.

Although turnout was modest, Blue False Indigo managed to make a small show feel special with church choir vocals and their lead singer’s magnetic stage presence. Altogether, most who went left filled with a little “More Light”—and cupcakes.

If you want to know more about Blue False Indigo and their upcoming shows, check them out on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/blufalseindigo, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueFalseIndigoBand/  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluefalseindigoband/