Tunes at Night w/ The Cavves!

For KJHK’s Tunes At Night, we were lucky enough to have The Cavves put on a performance. An up and coming indie band, the Cavves put on an intimate yet intoxicating performance. Prior to this event, I had never heard of this local Wichita band. However afterwards, I can’t stop listening to them. Not only was their performance activating and exciting, you could tell everyone in the crowd was a fan at KU that came to support this dope band. They began their show with a little update about who they were and what songs they were going to be singing, and then even gave some shoutouts to some people they knew from high school that were cheering in the crowd. You could tell they were able to connect with the crowd and keep lasting impressions to build relationships with their fans.

One thing that really struck me with this band was how willing they were to put up with a fun, yet rambunctious crowd. During the show, there was stage diving, moshing, and even multiple requests throughout the show for “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to be played. Through it all, they smiled and agreed, playing the song three times, letting the crowd sing and dance and enjoy their rendition of the songs. Towards the end of their last turn playing “Take Me Home”, they let members from the crowd grab onto their microphones and sing their hearts out, during so with nothing but smiles on their faces and positive attitudes. More than anything, you could tell that they were simply grateful to be performing for a crowd that loved to participate. On the stage, you could tell that the band all had great chemistry with one another, from the way they would crack little jokes at each other during set to the ways that they would smile and encourage each other during crowd talks and solos.

Overall, The Cavves gave a lively and lighthearted performance that encouraged the audience to let loose and simply have a good time, dancing and singing. They were able to get the crowd out of their heads and truly be able to live in the moment, which is more than you could ask for from a performance. Wichita is lucky to have had so much talent in one place, and Lawrence is lucky enough to be able to enjoy it now. Hopefully, they come back to Lawrence soon and blow us away with another awesome performance