Streaming, Santa, Prisons, and Delivery. Ad Astra Episode 6

We’ve had a lovely semester’s worth of podcasts, and this last episode of 2018 caps off the work of KJHK’s Arts and Culture staff nicely. Stream these babies on your drive home or while you wait in an airport terminal for an enriching and enjoyable listening experience. Click the links to stream them!

The B-Sides Episode 2: John Maus

If you were intrigued by Colman Connolly’s concert review of John Maus published last week, this podcast will be of great interest to you. Karsan discusses the progression of this experimental artist including his influences, work outside of the music world and other projects. If you’re new to John Maus, Karsan crafted a Spotify playlist of the best.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Claus

It’s holiday season and we’re all feeling broke. Perhaps it’s because these holidays have become a marketing ploy to get us to spend more and more. Chris Conde explores the cross between consumerism and holiday spirit.

How Streaming Changed the Music Industry

Spotify’s top played playlists have only been out for a day and I’m already tired of seeing post about them. Not too long ago the idea of instant music like this was unheard of. We know the way we listen to music has changed, but Jordan Doss explores how this new technology affects the music industry.

The Bigger Picture: School to Prison Pipeline w/ Raheim Shabazz

Raheim Shabazz is a director, writer and journalist spreading his research about the school systems and their connections to the penal system. Kris Rawls rang him up and the two shared a great conversation. Intrigued as to the connection between the two? You should be.

From Storefront to Delivery

Everyone and their dog have a delivery service now. You want some peanut butter at 1 a.m.? No problem, just send Postmates to pick it up. New to the scene is McDelivery. Local franchisee, Kevin Dobski, talked about McDelivery and these changes in technology.


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