Foxwarren: Foxwarren

While Foxwarren has an original sound, their makeup is a rock and roll classic. Andy Shauf, Darryl Kissick, Avery Kissick and Dallas Bryson are a group of siblings and childhood friends who formed a band in college. The Kissick brothers grew up in Foxwarren, Manitoba. They recorded their initial sessions in this small town of 2,500 in the Kissick’s farmhouse while their parents were on vacation. After their parents came back, they had to relocate to Regina, Saskatchewan as the misunderstood young musicians they were.

Fans can still expect to hear their beloved Andy Shauf’s signature soft touch and poetic lyrics on this side project. The band delivers themes of desire and loneliness through sincere melodies that will have you swaying for days.

“Fall Into a Dream” is an extremely appropriate title for this vivid track. Bryson starts the track off with guitar arpeggios that’ll take you on a hypnotic holiday. The following track, “Give It a Chance,” has an alluring spareness to it. Take the title to heart and let the song build. The vocals come in mixed with nature sounds to provide a much-needed tranquil ending to this album. There is truly not a bad song on this record. The band carefully arranged each song to create a cohesive sound that in itself supports the idea of listening to an album in its entirety.

The self-titled album was released on November 30 via ANTI- Records, 10 years after the band’s formation. Here’s to hoping it didn’t take a year to make each of these ten songs because after hearing this record, you’ll be longing for more.

Recommended If You Like: Andy Shauf, Adrianne Lenker, Mothers
Recommended Tracks: 3 (Everything Apart), 1 (To Be), 9 (Fall Into A Dream)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Miranda Roberts on 12/10/2018

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