Recently, some crazy conspiracy theories have surfaced. Are birds even real? Does Facebook listen to our conversations to tailor their ads? This week the Arts & Culture staff talk about their favorite conspiracy theories. Listen to the podcasts and see what you believe is true and what’s a load of bologna.

Flat Earthers

Most people believe that in 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, we learned that the Earth was indeed round. It seems however, that a group of people disagree. Kris Rawls tries his hardest to understand the Flat Earth theory in this conspiracy edition podcast.

Origins and Rationalizations

Chris Conde discusses why conspiracy theories arise and what makes us believe in these nonsensical answers to the unexplained. Think about the conspiracy theory you believe in, and see if you understand why after Chris’ explanations.

John Maus Alien Contact

Karsan Turner already discussed John Maus and his musical career…but in this episode we learn about a different part of Maus’ life. Did he make contact with aliens? Or is it just the government trolling Karsan? Do you believe in aliens or that we’re always being watched…

30,000 Stories: Kelsey

This week Kate Mays interviewed Kelsey. She talked about growing up with ADD/ADHD, the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to speak up, and police brutality. They came to the realization that we as humans are all pretty similar…and while this isn’t a conspiracy theory per se, it’s something that many people are reluctant to believe.


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