Black History Month, Panda Bear and Patrick

The Arts and Culture staff is a little light this week, but don’t worry. What we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. Click the links to listen to this Ad Astra’s podcasts, or search for KJHK Arts and Culture wherever you get your podcasts.

B-Sides: Panda Bear

This episode of B-Sides dissects the life and discography of Panda Bear. Karsan expertly connects the music and production of each album with the life of Mr. Bear, Noah Benjamin Lennox. Not familiar with Panda Bear? Karsan made an essentials Spotify playlist and invites you to listen.

African American History Month: an interview with Clarence Lang 

Chris Conde adamantly wanted to create a podcast about Black History Month. He sat down with Clarence Lang, a professor of African American studies here at KU and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences interim dean. Listen to their great conversation about Black History Month and the role we all have in celebrating the month.

The Bigger Picture: Color Blindness

It’s been said that we are all born “color blind” but what does that actually mean? Can people really claim to be blind to something just because it causes controversy? Kris Rawls explores the meaning of being “color blind” and whether or not it’s an “okay” thing to claim.

30,000 Stories: Patrick

What can do you actually learn in four years at a university? This semester, Kate’s stories will come from graduating seniors. She talked with Patrick, a senior studying geography…and one of the Music Directors here at KJHK.