Cherry Glazerr: Stuffed & Ready

Clementine Creevy’s trio, Cherry Glazerr, has been a welcome addition to the indie rock scene since their inception seven years ago. As their scope has expanded from teenage Creevy’s one-woman bedroom project in L.A. to an established name in the music world, their songs have naturally developed in both musical and emotional maturity. However, compared to their second most recent album, Apocalypstick (2017, Secretly Canadian), Stuffed & Ready shows a back-to-basics approach, evoking the vengeful spirit of Dolores Haze in the process.

There are quite a few gems on this album; “Ohio” begins with acoustic guitar and heavily filtered vocals, then suddenly transitions to a heavy emo-rock ballad. “Wasted Nun” shows a lot more melodic and timbral diversity than a lot of the tracks on this album (which is one of the few criticisms I have), and really shows off Creevy’s vocal versatility; it’s interesting to hear such dark and distorted drums underneath her soubrette-ish vocals. The band takes an interesting side hike in “That’s Not My Real Life,” which throws back to Apocalypstick and evokes some of our local KC faves such as The Greeting Committee or The Cavves.

Creevy is by no means an agile vocalist, but there is something to be said for how her bright and effervescent tone is able to carry her post-adolescent poetry over very primitive but intense guitar and drum parts. Stuffed & Ready definitely shows a different side of the trio but it is a welcomed addition to their discography.

Recommended If You Like: Marina and the Diamonds, Japanese Breakfast, Soccer Mommy, Lala Lala, Girlpool
Recommended Tracks: 1 (Ohio), 4 (That’s Not My Real Life), 6 (Isolation), 7 (Juicy Socks)
Do Not Play: 2 (Daddi), 9 (Stupid Fish)
Written by Sasha Arteaga on 02/20/2019