KJHK Q&A w/ Parker Freeman


Name: Parker Freeman

Year: Senior

Major: Strategic Communications

Position: Production Director


Dakota: what do you do here at KJHK?

Parker: I am the production director. So basically my main thing that I’m in charge of is overseeing the production of all of the underwriting spots that we have. Local businesses or student organizations will donate and in return we will advertise for a month, two months, three months depending on the package they choose. Beyond that I am in charge of making the station IDs. At this point in the year I have free reign to make whatever.


D: When I think of KJHK, nothing has been ingrained so much as the “More Beats Please” spot  Breakfast for Beat Lovers. What is your favorite spot?

P: Oh that one is classic. Some of the artist call outs. The David Sedaris one is probably my favorite thing that airs on KJ because it’s so hilarious. He’s like “When I’m in Lawrence Kansas for..a….Jayhawks game,” like he has no idea what he’s talking about but he’s trying.

D: How big is your staff? How do you keep them interested in production staff assignments?

P:  I like them to feel like they have like a lot of control so I give them a lot of control based on the creative projects we do. So I’ll just give them a starting idea and have them bounce off ideas and everything.

D: Do you run into writer’s block for these (promo spots)?

P: Yeah. Sometimes it’s hard coming up with stuff that’s funny. . And because of school it’s hard to prioritize although it’s not a big issue because the other staff members are creative and have a bunch of good ideas. Bouncing stuff off each other typically gets us something cool.

D: What was your prior experience and what lead you going into production?

P: Prior to last year I wasn’t crazy familiar with KJHK. My roommate Coleman, Multimedia Director, had been on it freshman year and then I dated the then station manager when I was a sophomore. So that was the only thing I knew, but then Coleman became production director so I went on his staff. It was cool. I did a lot of spots. I was the go-to guy because the others didn’t do too much. It was fun. The actual reading the scripts was eh but I enjoyed picking the music to go along with them.


D: You’re a senior Parker so what are your plans after college? Will it involve anything you’ve learned at KJHK or has this just been the fun extracurricular?

P: I would much rather do something more along the lines of what I’m currently doing at KJ. As opposed to anything I’m actually learning to do with my major. I don’t know what I’m going to do after college. I will start seriously looking into what I can do with my experience from here and my classes. If I don’t land a job relatively soon after graduation I’m probably going to go to South Korea for a year, teach English, and try to set some money away. Taking it one step at a time?

D: Sounds like a solid plan so far. What would you tell to anybody reading this interview that would encourage them to join production to increase that three person staff?

P: It’s a hard sell. And I don’t think it’s promoted or advertised as well as the other staffs because it’s “production” but we end up making ads and spots.

D: Do you think the name misrepresents what you do? What would you think would work better?

P: I don’t know. It’s audio editing. If you’re into audio editing, make music, or just want to mess around and make funny stuff, even voice act, I think this staff could benefit them. 

D: Well Parker, thank you for this KJHK Q&A and I hope you have a good day.

P: Have a good one!