Ad Astra: Feminism, Weezer, the Oscars and more

Arts and Culture covered topics all over the board this week. Some are more lighthearted than others, but all of them are guaranteed to make you think…or at least laugh.

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B-Sides: Weezer

Karsan deserves a hand for voluntarily listening to the entire Weezer discography–even the Teal and Black albums. Weezer stan or not, this podcast fantastically explains what Weezer was going through during each album. Additionally, there are some great laugh-out-loud moments.

Check out the Spotify playlist that accompanies this episode.

Feminism with Abigail Barefoot 

Chris talks with Abigail Barefoot, a doctoral student in women, gender and sexuality studies here at KU. Earlier this week Barefoot helped lead a discussion at the Emily Taylor Center about the documentary “Feminists: What were they thinking.” The two talk about the documentary and the changing meaning of feminism.

30,000 Stories: Elizabeth

This week Kate talks with the first person she met at KU, Elizabeth. Like the last episode with Patrick, they talk about how they’ve changed over the past four years and how they’ve stayed the same.

The Bigger Picture: The Oscars

Oh the Oscars, the ever contested event of late February. Kris Rawls looks at racism and representation within the awards and places it in historical context. What’s the problem with the way the Oscars function and why do they need to change?