Ad Astra 3/27: Gender, Mac DeMarco, Wild Powwers and more!

Arts and Culture staff back at it with some kickin’ podcasts! Our serialized works have new episodes this week and they’re accompanied by some other great stories. If you notice some new names, we added two new members to the staff: Trevor and Grace!

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B-Sides: Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco, the gap-toothed, happy Canadian who epitomizes Indie lo-fi rock. Karsan listens to the full discography and tells us his take on each album and what was going on behind the scenes. Get “On the Level” of Karsan and listen to this podcast. Bonus, find out why Karsan left Spotify for Apple Music…and check out his DeMarco playlist

While you’re in Kansas: Wild Powwers

Wild Powwers called into KJHK before their show at the Replay Lounge on 3/26. The Seattle grunge band is currently on their Sleepless from Seattle tour following the release of their Skin album. Cami talks with the band about their tour eats, the flooding in Nebraska and their work as a band.

30,000 Stories: Taylor

This week on 30,000 Stories, Kate talks with another senior at KU, Taylor. They talk about veterinarian school, growing up all over the country and coping with lost pets. –this is a surface level description, Kate makes the ordinary things in people’s life interesting with her unique interview style. 

A Brief Examination of Non-binary Identities

Most people will agree it’s important to address people properly, but how do we do so as the gender binary breaks down? Chris looks at gender non-binary identities in this episode and explains what it means and how to best address people who might identify differently than you.

The Bigger Picture: handling the emotional aftermath of media news

Can we become depressed from following the news? Kris looks at the correlation between what we hear on the news and our emotional response to it.

Roommate Terrors

Our new Arts and Culture members, Grace and Trevor, talk about the worst parts of having a roommate in their debut podcast. How do spaghetti and pet gravel end up in a bucket?