NeillFest 2019 at The Bottleneck!

On March 23, I got the opportunity to go to the Neillfest at the Bottleneck. Overall the event was filled with amazing people and a great lineup of local artists. The musical performances were by Kat King, LK Ultra, The Sluts, and VIVID ZEBRA.

Not only were there great musical artists but there was also display of art by José Héctor Cadena, Mike May, Rose Welch and Claire Anderson. Besides the artists, this event stood out because it directly benefited the Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center. I appreciate it when venues have events that directly impact organizations that need more support. Not only were they offering donations to these organizations, but I also liked how they were giving local artists a platform to show the community their music.

My initial reactions were to note just how cool this venue was. This was my first time going to The Bottleneck, and I loved it! The atmosphere was very friendly and it made the experience so much better. I’m not the type of person to go out of my way to listen to local artists, but this was a great opportunity to do so. While unsure at first, I was completely blown away by the many talented artists that are based in Lawrence. I would say that the band that stood out to me the most was LK Ultra, simply because their music was amazing and very heartfelt. During their performance, the lead singer said that many of their members were still in high school, which to me was hard to believe. I highly recommend checking out any of these artists, because they are really great and brought a lot of talent to such a great benefit and venue.

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