Ad Astra 4/24: Goodbye Kate, DCOM, Coachella, Ariel Pink (+more)!

As the semester comes to a close, so does this season of Ad Astra. The stories this week span from news to nostalgia, get your info and your feels on with this round of podcasts.

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30,000 Stories-Finale

As Kate prepares to say goodbye to Mount Oread, she also says goodbye to 30,000 Stories. In this final episode she shares one of her own stories along with pieces of her favorites throughout the year.

B-Sides: Ariel Pink (Part 1)

For this special two-part finale of B-Sides, Karsan covers one of indie pop’s most influential artists, Ariel Pink. In Part 1,  Karsan starts with Mr. Pink’s early home recordings that paved the way for his successful pop career that will be covered in Part 2.

Julian Assange

Julian Assange, a name that brings a grimace to the faces of politicians and military operatives. Chris Conde, a name that brings information to the students and staff of KU, has the latest coverage on WikiLeak’s creator, Julian Assange.

Killer houses & Fish Boys a recipe for a fantastic childhood

Most of us grew up watching Disney Channel Original Movies or DCOMs. Smart House, Twitches, High School Musical…just to name a few of the greats. Trevor rewatched some of the classics and talked about their meanings, impacts and lasting effects on his life. Do the kids of today get the same fulfillment from DCOMs as we did  

The Bigger Picture: Coachella

Anything and everything you could ever want to know about Coachella. What happened with Kanye’s “Sunday Message?” How did it start and what’s the difference this year vs past years. Coachella is an experience.


Grace talks to Julie, a woman who has been wheelchair bound for most of her life, though she has never let it slow her down. Julie attended college, she worked and she even drove. Julie had a special driving apparatus that allowed her to drive a van. Now Julie works to help others in wheelchairs have access to transportation.

History of Farmer’s Ball

For more than 20 years, KJHK has put on an annual battle of the bands known as Farmer’s Ball. While the tradition is rich, the history has been lost. Cami was able to sit down with some KJHK alumni and figure out how this event came to be.