Streaming Wars, KU Theatre’s Latest Production and More! – Ad Astra 9/18/19

Welcome to the first Ad Astra of the Fall 2019 semester! Enjoy podcasts from our staff ranging from topics like the future of streaming services, campus dating and what KU’s theatre department is up to!

Streaming Wars
Why are the Office and Friends getting removed from Netflix? Where’s the Disney content on Netflix going? What’s the appeal to Apple’s new streaming service? KJHK’s Trevor Harrison has all the answers you need to prepare your watchlist (and wallet) for the upcoming Streaming Wars.

Situationships Episode 1 – Rebecca
Dating in college has never been more complicated thanks to social media. Apps like Tinder and Bumble set high standards and create higher turnover rates for students looking for love. In episode 1 of Grace Needham’s new show “Situationships,” Grace lets her guests take a moment to breathe and share their dating stories in the modern world.

Stage Stories with Chris Conde Episode 1 – Meeting the Stars of KU’s ‘The Christians’
In his new series, Chris goes behind the scenes with cast and crew of KU’s “The Christians,” a fall production at for KU’s theatre program. Chris sat down with cast members Noah Parker, Kieran Regan and Director Markus Potter for an in-depth look at the characters behind KU’s latest production.