10 Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Best Buds

With Halloween just around the corner it is time to start considering Costume ideas! But you are stumped, aren’t you? Overwhelmed with the amount of possibilities? Overall not creatively talented at all? Below are 10 couple costume ideas for the spooky day that will guarantee some head turns.

Miguel & Ernesto de la Cruz

Be prepared to break out in song when you stroll up dressed as these two rivals from Pixars’ 2017 film, Coco.

Miguel– Standard red jacket, white tank top, blue denim jeans, sneakers, guitar (optional), face paint (optional). Use the face paint to draw a skeleton on your face.

Ernesto de la Cruz– White suit, white sombrero, face paint to make skeleton on face, white gloves (optional), guitar (optional).

Walter White & Jesse Pinkman

Just in time for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, dress up as two literal partner in crimes.

Walter White– Yellow hazmat suit OR yellow jumpsuit, Gas mask.

Jesse Pinkman– Yellow hazmat suit OR yellow jumpsuit, Gas Mask.

Bad Apple & CinnaMon

The two unsung hero’s of our generation.

Bad Apple– Inflatable red jumpsuit OR Red Jumpsuit, Bald Cap, Green Pipe Cleaner & Green Felt to create a stem with a leaf. Apply with hot glue to the top of the bald cap so the stem stands straight up.

CinnaMon– Brown shirt, brown pants, striped beanie, dreads (Wig can be found at Walmart or costume stores).

Shark & Swimmer

Buuuuuuuudum. Buuuuuuuuudum. Budum budum BUDM BUD! Watch out its a shark!

Shark– After Katy Perrys Super Bowl performance in 2016, shark costumes are a popular item on online stores. Throwback to the iconic left shark.

Swimmer– Any swimsuit. Bonus points if you add fake blood.

Perry the Platypus & Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Perfect if your pair consists of an introvert and an extrovert. Either don’t speak at all, or don’t stop talking. “Curse you Perry the Platypus!”

Perry- Blue onesie, Brown hat, Orange swim flippers, orange felt. Cut orange felt in the shape of his tail and attach with hot glue or sew onto the back of the onesie and BOOM! you have a tail.

Doofenshmirtz- Black T Shirt, White lab coat, dark green pants, black dress shoes. Take account of his childhood trauma to fully elevate your performance.

Tarzan & Jane Porter

Let these two worlds collide and get wild! These lovebirds will be in everyone’s hearts at the party.

Tarzan– Either a loincloth or if you want the safer route, brown worn pants. Brown long haired wig.

Jane– Any sort of yellow dress, white tights, brown dress shoes, safari/fishing hat (optional)

Forrest Gump & Bench

Who doesn’t love him? If you have the unfortunate role of being the bench, get ready for a lot of squats.

Forrest Gump– Blue Plaid shirt, creme/white colored suit, box of chocolates (optional).

Bench– Black morph suit, hard cardboard. Cut the cardboard into skinny strips and hot glue onto black morph suit on the thigh and stomach area. When you squat it should resemble a bench. It is highly advised to bring a stool because it might get tiring throughout the night to hold that pose!

Neo & Trinity

Arrive in style and keep your cool. Always keep an eye out for agents.

Neo– Black trench coat, black skinny jeans, black combat boots. All articles of clothing should be shiny but it is not necessary. Unless you want to be cool. Black sunglasses.

Trinity– Black trench coat, black skinny jeans, black combat boots. All articles of clothing should be shiny but it is not necessary. Unless you want to be cool. Black sunglasses.

Slick your hair back to increase speed as you dodge fists.

Violet & Dash

You will see a lot of Mr and Mrs incredibles dotting around the crowds. How about adding some speed and force fields to the mix?

Violet– Red long sleeved turtle neck, red leggings, thigh high black heels, thick headband, black swim bottoms.

Dash– Red long sleeved turtle neck, red leggings, black boots, black swim bottoms.

For both, print or draw the incredibles symbol and tape it to the front of your shirt. Take a black sleeping mask and cut eye holes to create the iconic Incredibles mask.

Coraline & Wybie

The most pairs of pairs you will ever lay your eyes on.

Coraline– Yellow raincoat, yellow rain boots, blue denim jeans, short blue haired wig, satchel.

Wybie– Black trench coat, blue denim jeans, black shoes, black gloves.