Happy Halloween from KJHK’s Arts & Culture Staff! Be sure to play the latest spooky pods!

Listeners Beware… you’re in for a Scare

It’s Fall 2004. You’re getting home from school. You grab a Capri Sun and Fruit Roll-Up. You turn the TV to Nickelodeon and you hear the chilling piano that is the Goosebumps theme. Life is good.

What’s more haunting, you watching Slappy the Dummy slowly coming to life or the fact that things will never be as easy now as they were when you were a kid? You can face the fears of adulthood later because KJHK’s Trevor Harrison is here to take everyone back to the scariest part of your childhood… with R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps.

Watchin’ with Wyatt – Top 5 Horror Movies of 2019

In Episode 3 of Wyatt Hall’s series, Watchin’ w/ Wyatt, he breaks down the 5 best horror movies released this year. Since Halloween’s today you can use THIS podcast to get in the know on the scary movies you may have missed.

Situationships Ep. 4 – Calvin

There’s nothing quite as scary as ghost hunting and on this episode of Situationships Grace Needham sat down with one of her dates who ghosted her Freshman year. They discuss why she was ghosted and share their ghosting/ getting ghosted stories. Do Grace and Calvin reconcile their differences or do they argue the entire time? You’ll have to listen to find out!

‘In the Blood’ – Review – LFK Stage Stories

For the Halloween edition of LFK Stage Stories as KJHK’s Chris Conde reviewing KU Theatre’s chilling play ‘In the Blood.’ Loosely based on ‘The Scarlet Letter,’ ‘In the Blood’ is about a mother’s love and madness. You don’t want to miss his breakdown and interview with the play’s director Timmia Hearn.