Ask Honey & Vinegar: The Irresponsible Student

(Erin Bugee / KJHK)

Hey Honey and Vinegar,

In one of my classes, all of our projects are due at the end of the semester, no matter the start date. Long story short, I’m six projects behind and more are coming up. I’m starting to freak out because I have other things to do for other classes, and I would rather work on those assignments rather than this class’s projects. What do you recommend I do?


The Irresponsible Student

(Erin Bugee / KJHK)

Dear Irresponsible Student,

I understand that this situation would be very stress-inducing. I imagine that I would find it difficult to breathe, let alone actually start on your work!

Firstly, I would suggest that you realistically figure out what amount of work you can do for each of your classes, without jeopardizing your grades an incredible amount. Figure out your priority assignments–though all projects are usually important to classes, what are the ones you need to do in order to not fail? 

Then, focus on breaking the work down into pieces. For example, work on half of one project and an assignment for another class over the period of two days, and work on the other half and another assignment the following two days (or however long it takes you). 

Sometimes when there is so much to do, it seems like this big, bad monster that is undefeatable. Make it smaller and it will be easier!

You say that you would rather work on other assignments rather than this class’s projects; I have the same sentiments to some of my work as well, but you need to be doing both. Unfortunately, we have to do things we do and do not like as adults! 

In the future, remember to pace your own work; even if other people give you leeway, it is important for you to create your own schedule and timeline that you keep up with. This way, you do not end up in a predicament like this–and I don’t want you to be this stressed again! 

Good luck on finishing all your work. Sip on a warm holiday drink, wear a cozy sweater, and perhaps eat a baked good or two—(buy this! You don’t have time to make it.) It’ll surely keep you going!

With love,


(Erin Bugee / KJHK)

Dear Suspected Slacker,

First off, how on Earth did you allow 6 projects to build up? What have you been doing in that class this whole time? Assuming you even care about your GPA or grade, you need to pull some solid all-nighters and catch up. You failed to list the reason why you’re six projects behind, so I’ll try not to assume you just got lazy and never did your work for an entire semester, even after getting ample freedom to do work on your own time (this is a lie this is exactly what I assume). 

Do not. I Repeat. Do not focus on the other class assignments and ignore the projects. You will have to do both. Here’s my plan for you: take an addy*, put parental locks on distracting websites and have your roommate set the password, and get your shit done in a space where you can’t be distracted (go to the damn library). You can half-ass them all if you need to, but get them in the grade book.

I’m annoyed by the “I would rather work on other assignments” bit, if you want to have your grade suffer than the answer is simple: don’t sweat it and take 6 zeroes. Otherwise, follow my advice and get that done A.S.A.P. No drinking, video games, or hanging out until you get your school work under control. 

I sincerely hope there were circumstances out of your control that lead to you falling behind this much, otherwise you’re in trouble for future semesters and after graduation if you willingly allowed something like this to happen.

With suspicions,


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