Ad Last-ra Ad Astra for this decade!!!

No, there wasn’t a falling out among staff… it’s just that time of the year/ decade where they’re coming to a close but don’t worry! The Arts & Culture staff is here to send you off with some great podcasts to get you ready for 2020!

Remembering Gremlins

We’re all looking forward to New Year’s Eve and seeing the ball drop… just make sure after it drops you’re not feeding your Mogwai. If you can’t remember the other rules to the 80s film Gremlins, or, that there was a sequel to the holiday horror classic, then Trevor Harrison has you covered!

10 Best Films of 2019 – Watchin’ w/ Wyatt 

You don’t want to miss a list so controversial that Wyatt was asked to never review films again when I found out…

a). Joker wasn’t on his list.

b). Wyatt hasn’t even seen Joker!

However, Wyatt reassured me that his list was still good and that you can’t name two things and call that a “list.” So… in a classic Buzzfeedian top 10 style… Wyatt shares his favorite movies from 2019.

The Wolves Review – LFK Stage Stories w/ Chris Conde

In the final episode of the semester, Chris reviews “The Wolves” and sat down with cast-member Stella Garibaldi for an exclusive interview!

The Situationships Tapes

Over the semester, KJHK’s Grace Needham learned that asking students at KU about their situationships yields some interesting results. For the season finale, Grace compiled extra clips from her recordings this semester that were too “out there” to make the initial cuts, so these parts have all been collected and placed in this special finale of Situationships.