The Miracle Game

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I don’t know what it is, but things are feeling different this time around. Could be the pollution in the air or the fact that the Chiefs overcame a 24-point deficit at home in the playoffs. With 10 minutes remaining in the second quarter last Sunday, it looked like that Chiefs were going to suffer another early exit in January. However, the leagues fifth-best scoring offense had other plans as they took the lead at halftime and never looked back. 

Sport’s fan’s in Kansas City are too familiar with their professional team’s being a part of a championship dry streak. The Royals went thirty years inbetween their World Series crowns and the Chiefs haven’t been to the Super Bowl since Len Dawson was the starting quarterback. Unlike the team across the parking lot, the Chiefs have a playoff history.

There’s a name for each nightmare from the ghost’s of playoffs past. From the Lin Elliot game in 1995 to the no punt duel of 2003, you would think the Colts were the only team that cursed the Chiefs. However, games such as the four-point loss in 1997 to the field goal game against Pittsburgh in 2017, this was a hex that ran deeper.

Last year’s divisional win against the Colt’s never claimed a title. That could be because the Chiefs were haunted once again in the AFC Championship game. Kansas City literally had a trip to the Super Bowl in the hands of cornerback Charvarious Ward. A penalty and Patriot’s overtime touchdown later, caused another dissapointing playoff loss now known as the offsides game. The Dementors would continue to circle around Arrowhead for yet another January game. 

Of course the Chiefs have not made it to the promise land quite yet. In fact, they’re in the same position that they were in last year, one game away from the Super Bowl. But, is it too early to draw up hyperboble’s?

If the Chiefs end up going to Miami and winning their first Super Bowl since 1969, what moments will we look back on? I think it’s fair to say that this game deserves a title no matter the outcome. I believe it is safe to express that the curse has been lifted. Patrick Mahomes and the rest of Reid’s red army took on the spirits like Aeregon in “The Return of the King.” Just like at the Battle for Minas Tirith, the Chiefs have conquered the odds just like Gandolf and his army. 

The Chiefs are the favorites—by double digits— this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship game. If anything, this Sunday is a business game for the Chiefs and if the prediction that Vegas has holds true. I’m sure there will be a name as the Lamar Hunt trophy will come home for the first time in franchise history…

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